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Newcomers and volunteers working together to build more welcoming communities.

The Impact of Together Project Welcome Groups on GAR Social Capital

A new pilot study by Principal Researcher Shireen Salti, examines the effectiveness of the “Welcome Group” model on building refugee social capital. Survey design was informed by the open-source survey from the Toronto Social Capital Study (2018). The study measured changes in refugee newcomers’ self-perception of access to social capital over the course of their participation in the Welcome Group Program. Focus groups with refugee newcomers and team leads were also used to gain a deeper understanding of the processes underlying these changes. Read the full report here.

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Story of a Match – Aya on Newcomer Education

Hi! My name is Aya! I am a 21 year-old newcomer to Canada. I am originally from Syria and I arrived in Canada in January 2021. I got connected with the Together Project through the Youth Change-Makers Initiative run by COSTI. Read Aya’s comments on her education in Canada.

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Vaccine Access Project Video

Learn how a team of Together Project volunteers empowered newcomers from the Crossroads Refugee Clinic Women’s College Hospital to overcome language and technology barriers to access COVID-19 vaccines through the #VaccineAccessProject

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Cadillac Fairview Announces new Philanthropic Strategy Aimed at Combating Social Isolation

We are proud to partner with Cadillac Fairview to reduce newcomer social isolation through Together Project’s Welcome Group Program. Thank you for helping us build more welcoming and connected communities!

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A Former Refugee Helps New Arrivals Overcome Obstacles

My name is Fatma and I am a single mom from Syria with a son. I arrived to Canada in February 2016 from a Syrian refugee camp in Turkey to begin building my new life from zero. I still remember the feelings of my first moment of my arrival to Canada. It was snowing and -20 degrees. At first, I felt depressed and lonely. Read more here.

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Story of A Match – Aya Meets Her Welcome Group

“My name is Aya, I am originally from Syria. I am a newcomer to Canada and arrived in January 2021. I was previously living in China. I am 21 years old and so far I am enjoying Canada.

I was very nervous when I first arrived. When I was in China I wouldn’t see foreigners that frequently, so it was a culture shock to see so many different people from different backgrounds all in one place. 

I joined Together Project because I really wanted to make new friends and get assistance with getting to know the city better. It’s been amazing so far, the volunteers are really friendly and supportive. We have formed a book club, because I love reading, and we have settled on Love in the Time of Cholera for our first book this month.” – Aya

We are excited to share Aya’s Story of a Match, this update is the first of a series of updates from Aya over the course of her Welcome Group match with Together Project volunteers. Stay tuned to hear more about Aya’s journey.

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