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Photo: Lisa Kannakko

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Newcomers and volunteers working together to build more welcoming communities.

Interview with Hanan Nanaa – Event Volunteer

I started volunteering in many places and one of them was Together Project because it’s about connecting you with the newcomer or refugee. You can talk to the newcomer and be with them. Most of the time we enjoy activities together, eat together, and talk about our experiences. I thought that if I volunteered at places like that, it would be helpful for the newcomer but at the same time helpful for me because I would learn from the newcomer and Canadians as well. #TogetherHello (Photo: Hani Al- Moulia)

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Interview with Lisa Kannakko – Volunteer Photographer

I think that Together Project offers the gift of friendship and that’s a pretty amazing gift. Everybody needs friends, everyone needs to be honoured and cherished. That’s what friendship is— it’s a group of people celebrating you for who you are. #TogetherHello (Photo: Derek Shapton)

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Together Project Welcomes Jean-Nicolas Beuze, UNHCR’s Representative in Canada

Inspiring words from UNHCR’s Representative in Canada, Mr. Jean-Nicolas Beuze, at our Together Project event, “Ready to make a difference in the life of refugees? Equally ready to change your own life by welcoming refugees? Get involved with Together Project. We can all make a difference and get engaged!”

CBC News, Toronto, 01/01/2019

Thank you to the Al-Khouly Family, and their Welcome Group volunteers, Alix, Jullian, Lisa, Andy, and John, for sharing stories of their match with CBC News, Toronto, on New Years Day.

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