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Newcomers and volunteers working together to build more welcoming communities.

Together Project Receives a Vital Ideas and Leadership grant from the Toronto Foundation

Together Project is honoured to receive a Vital Ideas and Leadership grant from the Toronto Foundation. Our Refugee Social Capital Accelerator initiative will allow us to deepen the impact of our Welcome Group model through further social capital research, building off of the Toronto Foundation’s Toronto Social Capital Study 2018. As well, we will develop and formalize relevant curriculum for volunteer training, and strengthen our evaluation and reporting mechanisms.

Welcome Group Program Selected as a “Promising Practice” by Pathways to Prosperity

Together Project’s Welcome Group Program has been selected as a “Promising Practice” by the Pathways to Prosperity Project. To learn more about the program, download the Welcome Group brief and see the video interview with Together Project’s co-directors here.

Interview with Phil N. – Welcome Group Volunteer

The Welcome Group Program gives volunteers the chance to participate in their community, to give back, and to learn more about different cultures and newcomer communities. We were able to achieve multiple goals with the family members. For example, we found the desired high school for one family member and we helped the father get a job at a top-tier grocery story by preparing him for the interview and for the training orientations. I would encourage everyone who is thinking about volunteering with Together Project to go ahead and make a difference in newcomers’ lives, and, at the same time, bring fun and fulfillment into their own lives. #TogetherHello (Photo: Ardean Peters)

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Interview with Kelly Cavanaugh – Communications Volunteer

Offering friendship to new immigrants is rewarding. It feels good to be helpful and make friends with people that are from a different culture. I just want to continue to be friends with these newcomers and help when I can. The Together Project is such a great outlet for this. #TogetherHello

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Interview with Sawsen AlFaraj – Welcome Group Volunteer

I have always loved volunteering and I often seek volunteer opportunities wherever I go. When I moved to Toronto in the summer of 2017, I was looking for oppurtunities where I could be most useful and when I found that Together Project often services Syrian refugees, I knew that I could offer translation and interpretation since I’m fluent in both English and Arabic. Also, as a newcomer myself, I thought that my personal experience may, in some way, be relatable and in some way, it was. #TogetherHello

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