Together Project


We train our volunteers to provide safe, effective social support for refugee newcomers. To learn more, please download our manuals below.


The first manual in the series is designed to give volunteers a broad, comprehensive overview of volunteering with refugee newcomers, including understanding refugee resettlement, the role of volunteers in integration, understanding the settlement sector, and managing expectations.


The second manual was designed to support Welcome Group volunteers in helping connect refugee newcomers with available services for the first steps in their settlement and the longer journey toward durable integration, in a way that complements the role of settlement sector staff and caseworkers.


The third manual can help guide Welcome Group volunteers in helping refugee newcomers begin the process of finding work, access training and accreditation, understand the importance of volunteerism and civic engagement, and understand basic rights and responsibilities as next steps along the journey toward long-term integration.


The fourth manual will provide information concerning the “Month 13” transition from Resettlement Assistance Program support to other forms of social assistance following the initial 12 month settlement period.

Resource Lists

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Social media

Together Project has both public and private Facebook pages. Every Welcome Group member should request to join our private Facebook group. This is where we post events and make other announcements:

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Other Resources

Here are some resources from other organizations:

CMAS, which focuses on caring for immigrant and refugee children, developed this resource, particularly for child care providers. But the first 17 pages are useful for everyone engaging with Syrian newcomers: Caring for Syrian Refugee Children

​The Canadian Council for Refugees has a good privately sponsored refugee (PSR) support page, which answers many questions that apply to helping newcomer refugees, whether PSR or GAR.